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Air Purifiers are an electrical appliances for filtering air at home, office or anywhere. Aerate offers wide range of multistage air filters with Home Air Purifier, Office air purifiers, and Commercial air purifiers.

Aerate is the brand name in Healthcare industry to protect your family from allergies, dusts, asthma, abdominal disorders. Aerate was started to delivering its air purifier products in major cities like: Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. But now we are delivering our air purifiers in all over the country.


At Aerate, air purification excellence is our passion. We constantly strive to achieve purification levels next to none. For us result oriented performance is the priority, always. That's why, at the heart of all Aerate Air Purifiers is the revolutionary technology. With such progressive technology vision and customer centric approach, our team of highly qualified professionals works ceaselessly to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction.


Aerate Aeranano Technology mimic nature and helps producing indoor-air healthy with advanced filtration system that filters out bacteria, allergens and harmful agents with size >0.02 micron*. With large range of Air Purifiers, Aerate covers almost all indoor application areas a human being spend time.



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